Our mission is to serve as a premier expert witness consultancy, bridging the gap between lawyers and highly qualified experts. Our primary focus is to facilitate the provision of impartial and sincere opinions rooted in expertise and objectivity.

The Elite Experts

Burgess Experts Inc. is a distinguished legal consulting firm that pairs lawyers with expert professionals ideally suited to their cases’ specific needs and specialties. Our expertise extends beyond just matching, as we also offer mentorship to novice and seasoned experts seeking to enhance their skills.

With an extensive background in legal consulting, document review, report writing, and providing deposition and trial testimony, we possess the knowledge to educate and elevate experts to an elite level. Moreover, we assist in organizing cases by offering summaries and PDF bookmarking of medical records for efficient timelines.

Our ultimate goal is to empower lawyers and experts to achieve their goals and provide the best possible representation for their clients. We are committed to providing top-notch service and staying up-to-date on the latest information to ensure optimal outcomes.


This company was founded with the goal of providing expert witnesses with the mentorship and support they need to succeed. We connect attorneys with experts who are highly qualified and experienced, so they can be confident that their cases are in good hands.


With over 65 medical malpractice cases under our belt, we have extensive experience in consulting, report writing, deposition, and trial testimony. We have worked with both plaintiff and defense attorneys, and have a deep understanding of the legal standards of care.


We have experts who can consult on a wide range of medical cases, including Nursing, ICU, Organ Transplant, Pediatrics, Neonatal, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Medical-Surgical, Psychiatry, Wound & Ostomy Care, PACU, Physician Assistant, Homecare, Travel nursing, COVID-19, IV, Administration, and more.

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